February 14, 2015


I realize these pics look super primped and planned but I found this tutu the other day, smothered Remi in kisses (which is extreeeeemely tough for me to do haha...not) and let her roam around the front room. It was hilarious and these shots were cracking me up. I know I'm a bit obsessive about this girl but when she's your full time job and possesses those adorable little leg rolls, you would be addicted too!

This Valentines Day was a chart topper and Jason and Remi are responsible for that statement. I LOVE this little family of mine. We celebrated Valentines Day throughout the whole weekend. That's allowed when it lands on a Saturday right? We had a spontaneous party with friends making sugar cookies, meeting new people and playing YAKquence. (made that name up ourselves haha) Jason and I ended the night watching our favorite highlights from Jimmy Fallon/Kimmel episodes. Nothing better hahaha. The next night was spent driving around looking at houses we love (as per usual), watching my bro play basketball, and then my parents decided to take Remi for the night so Jason and I had an uninterrupted dinner at Firestone where we got to actually talk and laugh haha. We made an effort to not just talk about Remi the whole time which was almost accomplished haha. That girl is just too easy to love on! (See pics below haha) I kind of felt like we were dating again as we asked question after question. I was killing myself almost to tears with laughter! Jason is hilarious + way too attractive to boot! I married far far faaaaar out of my league. :P Did I mention there was no wait to get in? It was a VDAY miracle, especially considering Firestone is packed on your average weekend. Score!

Cheers to a weekend of sappiness + sugar highs. My favorite!


  1. Dying over the first few pics. She is working that bouncer!! Model baby!

    1. Hahahah seriously it was cracking us up! She crashed right after this, lip stick stains and all. They looked like welts for a few days... woops! I do hope these sassy looks aren't a permanent thing though! :S

    2. PS I need an invite to your blog Mela! Would love to see updates of you guys!