March 24, 2015

Have Courage + Be Kind.

Last night I got together with my mother/sister in-laws + Grandma Lois and went to see Cinderella. I sure wish Remi was old enough to come because it was perfect! Let's just say I will most likely be buying this one as a future "watch over and over" movie for her. I knew that this was going to be a gooder because everyone's reviews were top notch but what I didn't know was how much I would fall in love with it. This classic fairytale spoke to me like none other and I'm a sucker for disney so that's saying something!

The movie opens with a picturesque little family and their beautiful baby girl (relation!). Now I know that Rem is just itty bitty and my teachings only go so far as sounds, words, signs, and the reminder to go down the stairs backwards these days (which she has mastered like a pro ps!) but I think this is what put things into perspective for me. I suddenly felt the strongest urge and pressure to make sure Remi is taught and that she is taught well. I want her to live a happy, naive little life full of imagination and *magic*. I want her to be bubbly and sweet. I want her to know of my example if I were to pass on like the sweet mother in this movie who was beautiful and shared that beauty in her relationships. Most of all, I would want Remi to know me as somehow who had courage and was kind, throughout all adversities that came my way.

I have become quite the emotional sap in this mothering stage of mine. I have never cried in movies with the exception of Air Bud when I was little and he got left on the island until now. I just thought this movie was simple and beautiful.

When I was young I was taught to be a light. Someone who brought warmth to others and someone who made others feel invited and loved. I think I saw this best exemplified with my own parents and I know it came with a lot of practice. I want to be a light and a bright one! I want to, like the Cinderelly theme, have courage and to be kind. When it all comes down to it I feel like I have been able to do pretty well at the kind part of things but lack a lot of courage.

In this crazy world where our self worth is generally based on shallow things like incomes, possessions, and looks, I oftentimes wonder if the simple and humble traits are taken in account. I don't have much to offer but I always want to be sure I am doing my best and I often ask myself, am I good enough? I know someday Remi will ask herself the same question and I find it exciting yet absolutely scary all at the same time that she will face adversity. It's a tough world and beneath the sass and the entitlement are genuine souls of gold that need a little reminder that they are worth it. 

We strive to be exemplary individuals. Alongside that I just want to be able to answer my question of self worth with a confident YES. I guess that's where the courage comes in. The courage to stand up for what I believe in, the courage to not be such a pushover, the courage to be kind no matter what, the courage to look at someone who is mean and forgive them anyway. It was my goal this year to perfect kindness + courage but sometimes I worry courage is misconstrued as being harsh, rough, or mean. I loved that in this show it wasn't, it was simply brave. I have been working on these duo qualities but it will always be a challenge. We are human after all. I just felt like the message in this movie matched up with my thoughts identically! 

Here's to a lifelong commitment of being an example. A kind and courageous mother. A light. 
I hope my love for others will always be my light and that I can pass that on to my little Rem Gem. 

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