March 26, 2015

My Pregnancy Journal

Remi is pretty good at falling asleep on her own but sometimes the "hover mother" in me turns on and I decide to lay on the ground out of her view just in case. Just in case of what? Yea, you've got me there. I just like to listen to her fall asleep. Rather than sneak away with my fingers (and toes) crossed hoping she doesn't wake up, I like to listen to the silence as she knods off. In this particular moment today I layed on the ground with my eyes closed tight, my hands in fists, and mouthed the word, yessss! It sounds so insane but to me it's SUCCESS! Naptime is gold.

As I was laying on the ground eyeing down Remi's bookshelf, I spied my pregnancy journal. I forgot I had put it there so I cracked it open and the rest is history. I was filled with so much emotion as I looked back to those life altering 9 months. You know when you read a novel, that novel turns into a movie, and then the main character looks and acts nothing like you thought they would? That's how things have been with Remi except she is far prettier and far more well-behaved than I expected. haha WIN!
I wasn't a fan of taking photos of myself pregnant but I did it anyway with my phone and this journal was the perfect place to tuck them away in. Safe and sound. We never did professional photos but any photos we had I paper clipped on to the month they were taken. I look at my whale-like figure in those shameful selfies taken the last couple of months of my pregnancy and it actually blows my mind! As hard as it was for me at the time to live in all my puffy glory, I can now look back in amazement. The human body is fascinating but I'm sure glad that wasn't permanent. I just sat there and page by page relived a billion things! Highs, lows, baby purchases, cravings, love notes, thoughts, expectations? I didn't have a clue what was about to hit me haha. It was so fun though.

Nearly 2 hours later I clued into the fact that I had wasted away all chances to be productive during Remi's naptime and decided to have a little nap of my own... Remi woke up 2 minutes later. Classic. I woke up to her squawks of excitement as she pointed at me sleeping on her floor. I scooped her up and sat with her in my lap on the ground as she felt my face and gave me slobbery open-mouthed kisses (if they even count as kisses). 

These memories are the reason we blog, take 1000+ photos, post way too many things to social media, and just document. I want to soak it all up because this girl melts me. I want to remember.

Don't forget to journal your own pregnancies because prego brain is REAL my friends! I forgot all the little feelings, thoughts, and notes I had included in there. There are countless styles of books but personally I really loved this one. As much as I love it though, I know Remi is going to love it even more... even if it did come from a crazy, hormonal, pregnant lady.