March 9, 2015

"Wait Bry, you run?!"

My whole life I have loved to run but I would never classify myself as a runner. A wannabe? Definitely. I used to read runners magazines and articles in the library for fun. That's exactly it though. Running to me is fun. 

When I was in highschool I signed up for a triathlon with some friends. I did the biking portion and my bike training consisted of a calm, cool, and casual ride in the countryside. *smack palm to forehead* Sadly that's also how I felt the triathlon was too; calm and scenic! Have you seen the SoAB countryside though? Beauty. We actually ended up winning first in our category which landed us a fun shirt and some size 12 mens bright yellow crocs. Amateur biking for the win!!!

Since having Remi I have been a slaaaaacker in the workout department. I play volleyball once a week and go on walks as much as possible but winter months are so blah to me! The Petersons have been running the moonlight run for 20+ years as a family and I decided to secretly jumped on board this time around. Emphasis on the secretly. Serious. I have to admit I was a little embarrassed I guess because as everyone chatted about who was going to run I was overlooked but rightfully so! I laugh hysterically inside when people find out I am running a race because the next line is always, "Wait Bry, you run??!" It's a fair question and far from offensive because I'm really not a runner I just love to do it for fun. I ran track and cross country in junior high and still hold some records in the 800m and 1500m track scores in my small hometown but I can't see that as something to brag about hahaha. Running is just something I enjoy. It's almost therapeutic in a way and I especially love it at night. That's probably because dark makes you feel like you are running 1000x faster than you really are. ;)

This race was probably a bad decision considering I haven't actually run in 2 years and my conditioning has gone out the window since pregnancy. I had great intentions to get back into shape right after Remi was born but holy smokes being a mom is taxing! It's honestly not something you can understand until you are one. Seriously, I thought I had a clue! Most moms can relate to those postpartum workout doldrums yea? Sometimes when I catch a moment to myself (which probably only happens when you have one baby. Drat.) I sit and stare at the explosion I call my home and it takes everything in my power to decide to clean it. As I live my life planning around nap time I realize my life isn't really my own anymore and probably won't be ever again. Does that not blow anyone else's mind?? I can alter how my actions influence my baby's though so we do a lot of eating and a lot of dancing. Life is good.

As I started the race I was about 4 minutes in when I noticed a little kid running by my side. It was my nephew, Will! I got a little nervous because I didn't want to ditch him. Pshhh funny thing is I lost him for a few seconds a couple of times throughout the race but he always ended up back by my side. We chatted and cheered each other on. We even did a little dance as we started our way up the massive hill. He did so well and I was so impressed with how much he ended up pushing my limits, especially when it came to that dang hill in the end. Such a champ! 

I ended up running it in 35 minutes placing 8th in my 20-24 year old category. (the girl who got first ran it in 30 minutes. Impressive hey?) I didn't have any expectations but my time sounded alright to me considering I walked in with very little preparation. Do I regret it? A little. Like I said, a 10-year-old busted my butt most of the race! Nuff said. It felt good though. I am ready to get back into the swing of things and maybe start running again... 
now excuse me while I go sit like a lazy person and watch an episode of Friends. 


  1. let's be wanna be runners together!

    1. Deal CoFro! I'm sure glad I have you in my life haha. :)