April 4, 2015

AZ Daydream

We have been loving life in Arizona the past couple of days. We have been looking forward to this vacation for months and months! Jason's whole family is coming and the last family arrived today so that officially means the party has begun! That totals 18 people to be exact. Yeah, things are about to get CRAZY all up in heeeeah! I'm excited though. I love a party but a party with family? They're the best time.

We must have partied a little too hard today because it's 10:00 PM and everyone has headed to bed. Im not kidding.. I can actually hear Brent snoring upstairs. I'm literally the only one awake at the moment and I'm soaking up the silence. As much as I love the party, a good wind down is a necessity to me. My journal and I are best buds at night. I've just been sitting thinking of a billion things. To name a few:

  • Why can't I have this weather in Canada at all times? I wish it almost every year when I blow out my birthday candles that summer will extend as long as possible and then every year I am quickly reminded how beautiful the seasons are. I wouldn't have it any other way. 
  • Why can't I be tan without the threatening scare of cancer? Seriously though. My white skin could be used as a reflective sheet photographers use by the time spring time rolls around. No bueno. I think a little glow is beautiful.
  • Why do some people in this family tick the way they do? You can bet there will be family differences in a group of 18, some for the worse and some for the better. That's family for ya. I love Jason's family though and I'm grateful I am so lucky to have married in. 
  • Why is Remi so stinking cute and why are we so lucky to have her? She had the worst diaper rash of her life last week, has 2 upper teeth popping through as of today that we can tell, is constantly roaming around bonking her head or falling and all in all she has been a gem. She travels great (unless you lose her soother on the flight when her nap time was 2 hours ago. Woops! Mom fail.) all in all Remi is way too good to us and we love watching her explore in this nice, sunny weather!
  • Why can't it be summer already dang it? Please warm up by the time we come home Thursday, SoAB!
  • Why does Remi's breath stink so darn bad? Honestly girlfrien, we are brushing 3 times a day STRICTLY!
  • Why am I still awake? Yea, that's probably the best question of the night... goodnight ya'll!

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