April 30, 2015

Remi Rae Turns One!


I swear I blinked and this little human became a lady. We were given 2 strollers and a shopping cart on her big day that have already been put to good use! I line up groceries on the coffee table and she pushes her cart along, one-by-one throwing her little cans and boxes inside. She loves her babies and puts the bottles to their mouths but we are working in the gentle department. She gets a little fiesty and I blame those dang blinking eyes that open and close as you lay the baby down. All Remi does with real babies now is poke their eyes out (!!!) So sorry Kenzie and Brit...
Her other favorite gift was a BIG, brown, classy box that Gpa Bennett cut windows and doors in. We filled it will little balls and we have sat outside in it all week. It has been a great way to get outdoors and manage to stay out of the wind. Win win! I know it's probably too early to tell but I love watching this little girl and her sweet imagination. She is always exploring, learning and practicing new things. Sure, she's busy and she is a handful but this development thing is fascinating!

We partied and partied and partied this last week. So much in fact that I am sure sugar is now the only thing pumping through my veins.  I realize it's a bit ridiculous to throw a party for a one year old but Jason and I will find any excuse to get together with family and friends. We don't give Remi many sweets so she daintily poked at her cupcake and stared around at everyone at first. In her defence there was A LOT of stimulation haha! I broke the cupcake in half and once she had a tiny taste she then DEVOURED it! Pshhh, so much for dainty!

In creating this video I took an extreme trip down memory lane. Why do the first months of motherhood have to be such a blur??! I teared up and laughed as I gathered waaaaay too much footage so I apologize that this video is so lengthy but I couldn't help myself. I guess this is more for me and Jason anyway. It is so easy to love on this quirky, funny, beautiful girl. She loves to get a laugh out of people and is always full of surprises.

Here is to another great year of memories and laughs with our little Rem Gem!
We love you, baby girl.


  1. Oh my gosh i love your video! Seriously, its so sad to watch them grow up, but so wonderful too. ah, i want to make owen one for his bday next month. i better get started?! did you just use imovie?

    1. Thanks Jennica! It really is sad but the videos make it stick a little longer... at least that's what I tell myself haha. I use iMovie but I am just starting a trial of Final Cut Pro this month just because it's amazing (and free!). Try it out sometime! It's magic but a little trickier than iMovie. :)

  2. Bry!! That video was amazing! You have serious talent! I got teary eyed, I can't believe that gorgeous little girl is one! It's been so fun to watch her grow over the last year! I love rem!