June 26, 2015

Pavan's Cabin 2015

I don't know why it has taken me so long to inform ya'll about Jason's new obsession but it has been ruling our summer and it's a riot! It seems like Jason's buddies tend to cave and buy things together haha. One time it was motorbikes (which Jason passed on), another time it was guns, and this time it is dirt bikes.

I get razzed A LOT about this lifestyle they live. Other wives often ask me things like why I let him do it, they assume he is never home and that I'm alone, or they just think it's straight up unsafe. Valid concerns but I just laugh because in all honesty I think these hobbies of his bring us closer together. I am a firm believer that men need outlets and I don't find extreme hobbies to be a struggle. We often have to check with one another and make sure we are on the same page but right now I think it's important that, while Remi is young and able to be towed around as an only child, we soak it up. It won't always be this way so right now we live a little crazy but I think it's a lot of fun to have such an active group of friends. Golfing, snowboarding, cross country skiing? We love giving it all a try and those memories just can't be beat! We wouldn't have it any other way. 

This particular getaway was at the Pavan's cabin last weekend. They are the most hospitable family out there and we tend to end up hanging with their family a lot. If you know them, you know why. They're a party! We love having 3 of their siblings and spouses so close. This crew wasn't everyone and I always feel bad when people can't come because the more the merrier but we had the Goughs, Bowdens, Pavan (Ando), and Pavan (Alan). Five kids in total so while the guys dirt biked, the wives hit up the lake. I could stay there forever, their cabin and the view are beautiful!

Here's a little vid that sums things up. I apologize in advance for the lack of actual dirt biking footage but all GoPro footage is unfortunately now unattainable as our GoPro was stolen. Super bummed. We don't talk about it.
Thanks again, Pavans, for an awesome weekend! 

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