July 11, 2015

Be Still

It's a rare occurrence for Jason and I to be home before midnight and if we are home before then we sure as heck aren't asleep. Say what you will and call us irresponsible but we this is how we do. Remi has become quite the adaptable little sleeper because of it! Between fun with friends, my mom and dad that live 4 doors down, and the peeps in Lethbridge, we just like to kick it late. I am a night owl and I tend to judge things by midnight. 

"Ooooo. Almost midnight? We need to peace out."
"Oh it's 11:30? I have 30 more mins."
"Hmmm, 12:17? I can probably read one more chapter."

Just call me Cinderella. I blame that dang midnight curfew I had growing up. I love the night life and especially now being a mother, that's PRIME TIME. You're going to hate me but Remi has always been a champ at sleeping and my routine hasn't taken much of a beating yet. Oddly enough Remi probably just adjusted to me and once JP has hit the hay those couple of hours past midnight become my golden hours. 
Me time. 
[insert angelic chorus here]

I was unwinding on my phone the other night (because we are all guilty of that antisocial chunk of distraction making it's way into our bedtime routines, amiright?) and just felt like I maybe wasn't really creating enough quality time. Sure we are having a riot but it's hazy. 
Summer is busy. Remi is busy. Life is busy!
I have found myself getting swept up in all sorts of spontaneous plans so I decided to make a spontaneous plan of my own. (can spontaneity be planned? it can now.)  I didn't know what it was going to be but I just wanted to get out with Remi and love nature a little bit. I just needed a little breather.

The next morning I packed Remi and my camera (the classy combo that they are) and we drove. I wasn't sure where we were going but we ended up at tri-city hill; a hill that overlooks 3 surrounding towns including our own. It was calm out there and there wasn't a sound. I soaked it all up as we threw rocks at fence posts and picked at the grass. Remi explored and explored and explored in her little fast-paced strides and she loved life until apparently there wasn't anything more to love because she broke down. BAM! These dang mood changes can happen so fast! Good thing we were at the top of a massive, secluded hill in the middle of no where out of ear shot. I handed her a piece of grass and she collected her cuteness again. I regained that stillness. Life was good.
It hit me later as a reflected on that moment that I need to take the chance more often to just embrace life and live it as it is, tantrums and all. Come what may and love it. Embrace change. Live in the moment. All that cliche stuff.

 ^^ minor melt down. Poor, Roo.

Do you love my self-timed car photos? (*TIP: my canon remote is my new best friend these days! Game changer.*) I love to document with a few quick shots here and there. It's in those moments that I just fall more in love with this beautiful world and my sweet baby girl, so I bottle it up in photos. I love the memories. Wherever life takes me I just want to be there completely. I don't like competing or worrying about impressing this person or living a certain way. I know my life is in God's hands and I am just ever so grateful. It's an amazing life! This refresher brought me clarity and it's something I should do more often. Once in a while it's worth taking the time to simply be still .


  1. Oh Bry, that's beautiful. That's the whole point of life, to live every moment. Even better if you write it down. Maybe you can help me do a better job of my journaling when I get home, you have so much more tech expertise. I can hardly wait to meet Remi!!

    1. Thank you Grandma! Haha I can try and help you out for sure but might have a bit more time when you aren't immersed in service! haha. It will be so nice to have you home. Can't wait for you to meet Remi either! Love you!

  2. awesome post! Oh my the daily internal battle of go to sleep and not regret it in the morning, or stay up for some alone time and it feels so good and then definitley regret it in the morning! Love the pics and your overalls!

    1. Hahaha the struggle is real! Thanks lady! I am bringing out my inner hick with those bad boys and I LOVE them. ;)