July 4, 2015

YW Camp 2015

In our church I get to be part of the greatest group of girls. Each year we get to plan a camp and they're are always so fun. I have been part of YW camps my whole life but the past few years as a leader. It's hard sometimes to remember I am not one of the girls haha. 

This year we had one of our young women performing as a Young Canadian in the Grandstand Show at the Calgary Stampede. We were fortunate enough to incorporate that into our camp so naturally the theme became western. It was, hands down, one of the funnest camps I have ever been to!

Camp theme: How the West Was "ONE"

Some of my favorite memories were:
the cannon lady
carni food haha
seeing the girls light up at every show
watching Rebecca
riding the c-train with the girls
party at Gallup's lake -- so fun!
the photo booth
my car group
camp compliments
water gun target practice
making icecream
playing at the free stampede pancake breakfast
camping in general (call me crazy)
coming home to Remi haha

I grabbed way too much footage the first day so I figured a video might have to be made. It was a party! Enjoy.

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