August 1, 2015

BC Bennett Reunion

I grew up second youngest in a family of 9. To say my love for my family runs  d e e p  is an understatement. We have our laughs, our cries, our frustrations, and our ridiculous imperfections but that, to me, is what family is all about. Loving anyway. The fact that my family is one heck of a good time is the cherry on top! Humor? Style? Individual quirks? It's nothing compared to what I bring to the table so I'm just glad they accept me - most of the time anyway. :P

This reunion was a first because we have never had an immediate family reunion before. Our crew is reaching the hefty 20's so it's about time we branched off and spent some quality time together away from our crammed little one-trick town. BC was perfect and we soaked it all up for an entire week! Gma and Gpa are too good to us. We stayed in a comfortable cabin with way too much fun at our fingertips. (Let's be real, any place with a hot tub in the backyard is considered A-OK to Jason! Little city slicker.) We hit up nearby lakes daily and Remi was in her element with all the sand. Fish are a different story but I think she eased up in the end. It will be our last summer together for 2 years as Austin heads on his mission next week so we made it count! As always, it's sad to see this part of our year end. It's always a party.

Thanks for the fun! Love you all.

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