September 27, 2015

Debbie Downer VS. Sunshiny Days

It has been a roller coaster of a week! We moved in, have been renovating, we have been partying with cousins, the boxes to unpack have been so overwhelming, Remi popped 4 teeth, cabinets are 99% installed, we did our fall baking exchange with the Petey ladies, Roo and I both got sick, I have taken on 3 unexpected photo sessions, we had our first Sunday in our new ward, our hot water tank crapped out this week and we have been juggling visitors nonstop. Without realizing it until it's now over, last week was MADNESS! I am ready to hunker down and become an antisocial sleepaholic for 5 years but that's just the Debbie Downer in me talking. My friend looked at me last night and said, "are you super tired?" Haha my eyes burned, I looked like a dead person, I had a perma-headache all day and I obviously wasn't doing a very good job at hiding it anymore. Shoot!

Truth be told, I have been struggling with all of the disorganization around me. Does anyone else get like that? I just wanted a Mary Poppins moment where I could snap my fingers and everything would get into place. Jason finally hooked our computer up in the new house and I decided to get some structure back by doing a quick reflection of all the happenings from the week. It's my favorite thing! I jotted down events and uploaded pictures. Some of the pictures made me melt! It was a part of the week where we met Grandma + Grandpa at the park for a picnic. They were babysitting my little niece and nephew for a few days so we spent a lot of time together. Remi loves them! 

I was messing around with some photo edits and the lyrics, "it's gonna be a bright (bright) bright (bright) sunshiny day" by Johnny Nash came to mind. These pictures got me pumped! I was quickly reminded that the only way I got through my week was because of the simple joys of family and friends. They have all been so extremely helpful and uplifting. I figured I needed to quickly reverse my thoughts because really all of the chaos was completely bearable due to supportive people who I LOVE and definitely need in my life! Moving is so daunting but Jason is a pro at picking up the slack and people are just so kind. Even members of my family who haven't been around to help have sent supportive texts and it has been amazing.

Here's to a little less Debbie Downer and many more sunshiny days!

Remi ran everywhere! She was in heaven.


  1. Thanks for this post Bry - loved it!

  2. Oh Bry, thanks for the insight. I am about to come home to endless unpacking and it always takes me a long time to recover. But I'm excited. It's always hard to leave and readjust, but I guess there are lots of structureless days in our lives as we grow. This mission has been such a gift and a joy in my life. I loved your blog. See you soon. Grandma Olsen