September 3, 2015

Home Sweet Home


I feel like Jason and I run on a never-ending canteen of "LIFE IS AWESOME!" The events have been nonstop for the past few months and I feel blessed. Of course there are everyday monotonous tasks of work, study, learning, and growing that make us feel overrun but all in all I have really felt that life is simply too good to us and that we have been very fortunate so far. We have done a lot of searching and preparing for this and it's finally official! Can't wait to not have to share our walls or floors with other people haha. I am pumped to be able to sing at the top of my lungs and dance without having to check outside first to see if the renters car is out front. :P I learned that lesson the hard way. Awwwwwkward!

One month of renovations and then we are Lethbridge bound! It's a bit bittersweet because I love this little town I grew up in but Lethbridge will be a nice change and I'm excited have the chance to make our house our home.


  1. SO exciting! I am so excited for the day that I have a place of my own like that!

    1. It's the best Chelan! You will make yours SOOOO cute because of your cute style. Can't wait for that. :)