September 15, 2015

Montana Parade of Homes (take2)

It's that time of the year again, PARADE OF HOMES TIME! (oh, and football time but my picks are crap right now so we we won't talk about that) It feels weird this go around knowing that we have an actual house to use our ideas on. Still not very real at the moment but we make the move in 6 days so it will become very real shortly!

The houses in Montana, once again, did not disappoint. I love the cabin vibes they give off with their shiplap walls, wooden beams, and beautiful decks and fire places but this year they veered towards a more rustic modern approach in most of the homes which I loved even more! Big windows are always a must with the beautiful, picturesque mountain or lake scenes. A few of the homes blew our minds with how unique they were! There was a home that was basically a lookout inspired by forest rangers. It was 4 levels of, "whaaaaat?!" One house had a very practical pool inside that seemed almost doable for 40 years! Another was on Flathead Lake, AKA an ocean of a lake! The views were spectacular and the marinas made it feel almost coastal. My descriptions don't do it justice - they never do. Just take my word for it haha.

 Jason and I always heckle each other on the way home about our restored dreams of a cabin. Just $2 MILLION, that's it. Seems within reach, right? 


We explored a bit and made some purchases for the house. I even found a graffiti wall my friends went to when we were in high school. After all these years I was pumped (even if it seemed a lot cooler back then). It's the little things.

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