September 16, 2015

PART 1 Renovations: yellow to white

I was really torn with paint colors for the house. Everything is yellow with dark brown trim and baseboards. Part of me thought to just leave the yellow and paint all of the trim white because the basement has been updated beautifully in those colors so I figured we would match it. When I realized how much work that would entail to paint inside the windows and everything I opted out. Our painter was pretty relieved!

My  next paint decision was to decide on a grey so I grabbed every shade of grey imaginable. They all just seemed to tint different hues; some too blue, some too green, some too purple. No matter how safe Pinterest made it seem, I just didn't feel confident about one and I didn't have much time. I felt like I was in Goldilocks and the 3 bears. White seemed juuuuust right and after seeing this picture above ^^ I was in LOVE, or should I say "pinspired". ;) 
SOLD! White it is. 
My family all mocks me because I love yellow but I love yellow vibes + accents. (don't laugh) It makes things cheery! Yellow cars and yellow walls can be a bit overwhelming to me. Besides there is plenty of yellow to go around in our basement. The color is called French Toast and I actually really like it but not throughout the entire house. White has definitely freshened it up and I'm really happy!

How do you like our fireplace? Haha. That's a project for another day...
(your suggestions would be greatly appreciated!)


  1. I would kill for some dark brown trim. Very woodsy and rustic, love the white paint decision!

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  3. I love the white! I'm excited to see what other things you do with your new place!!