September 30, 2015

PART 2 Renovations: from gold to black

Our fireplace is gold and it drove me a little bit crazy. I don't really mind the green so I taped it off and went a little spray crazy.

Jason was watching Remi while I tackled this little project, and just as I finished the above section, Remi comes running in. She had hold of the black spray paint and I let out a horrified, "noooooooo!" I felt like everything went into slow motion as I reached and she threw. Black spray paint splattered onto our newly installed floor. I think I was kind of in shock and stayed really calm which surprised me. I ran up and set Remi in her crib, told Jason to tend to her and I bee-lined it for Rona just down the street. Run to Rona is a legit tagline! The worker there was super helpful and handing everything I needed very quickly as he subtly implied that I needed to get it cleaned up ASAP. I didn't argue with that! This here is some powerful stuff! Saved my bacon that day. Phewph!

 The floorers came back that evening to finish up and didn't even notice so I figured it was best not to mention it...
But here you have it! It's nothing special.  I think the process of getting the paint on it was far more climatic than the final product haha. Oh well. At least it's no longer gold.


  1. Bry! You're house is looking amazing! All the work in the kitchen! WOW Unbelievable! Good luck with Nursery. They do figure it out one day!