November 19, 2015

Family Pictures 2k15

 We decided to bite the bullet and get some actual family pictures taken this year and by "actual family pictures" I mean handing over my little unprofessional canon to my brother's girlfriend (who has a GREAT eye for photography) and have her do a fun little sunset shoot. We have way too many blank walls in this house that could use a little love!

Remi and I were sick as dogs the day we spontaneously decided to go out. (FUTURE ME: what were you thinking?!) It was physically hard for me to smile in some moments, my throat hurt that bad! Remi's nose was a leaky faucet and it was prime nap time but there's nothing that her bunny, Foo Foo, and a little photoshop can't handle. We caught Cameron Lake in the knick of time because they took the docks down a few days later. I look at all of these and think it was an actual miracle we got some decent shots, all things considered! I blame Janay and her skills. She's a gem for a million reasons!

Shooting with a toddler made for next to ZERO photos where we were all looking but holy smokes I love the candids! I haven't ever really been able to look at photos and think, "Hey, that's us! ALL of us."I sure love this little family of mine, and I sure love Waterton for helping amp up the scenery because photogenicity is not my strong suit. Sure made for some new favorites!

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