November 11, 2015

Life lately + Iphone dump

This past month has been a doozy. I am just going to put it all out there, I honestly didn't expect to feel so much emotion with this move. I figured I would just adapt, love the chance to decorate a home + start fresh, enjoy the convenience of the city, and jump in carefree with both feet! I think you could say it has been more of a "dip your toe in and wait for the water to warm up" approach. I realize that this is 100% normal and despite my best efforts, it is just going to take some time. I don't know why I thought otherwise... que sera! My motto for the week has been to find joy in the little things, and then Remi puked all night but let's just forget about that part! I'm all about second chances haha.

Little Update: Jason and I both got callings our first week in the new ward; Jason as the priest quorum adviser and myself as the primary music leader. Jason is 100% in his comfort zone and I am 100% out but what's one more addition to all of this change, amiright? Remi has all of a sudden decided that separation anxiety is a real thing and that nursery is not for her. I have to lead in primary so I am tied up but Jason has told me that she will timidly make her way into the crowd, find a little baby doll, and sit in the corner watching everyone. It gets a bit competitive! I guess that's what happens when you go from 4 kids in nursery to 20+! She is a bit overwhelmed to say the least so she tries to get comfortable, usually attaching herself to one of the moms who then eventually has to leave and teach, or disappear to give her child a chance to get comfortable without her presence. Remi then loses her cool, yet again, and they bring her to Jason saying, "we tried". Vicious cycle!
One Sunday she apparently sat at the door and cried "daaaddy" with her little face pressed up against the vent. Who puts vents on doors anyway?! It breaks my heart to picture all of this and I hope she starts to get into the swing of things because it really affects our life at home too. Clingy isn't very productive!

On a positive note, Remi's clingy phase does bring a lot of hands-on learning. She likes to get into ev-er-yyyy-thing but I kind of like to watch her do it - see that little brain of hers tick! I love that I get to be her mom and those little chatty words that she pieces together? They make me melt! I find that Remi brings a lot of clarity into my life as I push my selfish frustrations aside and make life happy for the both of us. It's really easy to do considering 99% of Remi's emotions are happy and highly contagious! Ain't nobody got time for that negative stuff.

I know it will take a little while to settle into this new environment but I appreciate life's little blessings, Remi being a big one! I have finally started putting things up on my walls and it has helped a lot to feel a bit more at home. (curse you, procrastination!) The best way for me to count my blessings is to put them around my house or post waaaaay too many onto my blog.
 Life is good. Life is great actually! I just need to make the most of it.


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Any advice out there on adjusting to moves or to nursery? Share the love!

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