November 2, 2015


This year's Halloween was a hit. We got together with friends and anytime there is a cotton candy machine involved, you know it's going to be good. (Goughs know how to party!) I looked at Remi's hair and knew that we had to give Pebbles a shot so we whipped up the Flintstones gang and called it good.

1. Looking back, maybe having to spray all of our hair a false color wasn't the best idea.
2.  I didn't think Remi could get cuter until she waddled out in this get up!
3. Wilma was a champ for sporting ALL white with a toddler around (!!!)

Remi was a puppy when we went out trick-or-treating the next night. It was a bit chilly so a tiny little dress wasn't going to cut it. We only went through our cul-de-sac and did an official meet + greet with our new neighbors. We have a diverse little group that range between 45-85 years old. Two of them are quite elderly but they always insist that they roll our garbage bin out for us. It's actually adorable!
Anyways, we practiced and practiced the phrase "trick-or-treat" with Remi but when it came time to perform she froze. Stage fright for the win! The door would close and we would practice again. She was so good with her little "tri-treeeee" but never got the guts to do it for strangers. At that age, they give you the candy anyway so I don't blame her!

Halloween was so much more fun with a mobile toddler. I especially appreciated the fact that Remi didn't notice that we inhaled her candy that night. No Jimmy Kimmel reaction for us!

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