December 10, 2015

20 months

YOU: the happiest and sweetest bully around • finally point at yourself and say, "I'm Remi." • obsessed with hats, shoes and socks • 2 blankies and 2 babies are sleep essentials • figuring out more words and are a big fan of brushing yo teef • marker thief 〰 no bueno • always pointing at steam or exhaust pipes yelling, "HOT!" • my favorite things you say, "Maddox", "thank you", "come ooooon" (as you wave us over) and "where ahhhhh youuu??"

ME: done with gifts + cards and ready to paaarty! • mostly excited to see your face light up with Christmas traditions • grateful daily for my one-on-one time with you • having a broken vacuum sucks... but it actually doesn't... • loving some new-found tunes lately and playing them on repeat 🎶 • organizing all of my 2015 photos and getting ready to print + start the yearbook!

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