January 6, 2016

February is the new January!

Generally you go into January guns a blazin', motivation off the charts, and resolutions all set but when your twin gets married January 2nd and the family/friend madness comes in at full force, you somehow skip it. Truth be told, I rung in the new year with a lot of responsibilities, a lot of stress and a confusing shot to the heart from a family member that left me reeling. I'm a sensitive soul and I worry a lot about others and in turn what they think about me. I've been told it's my best strength and my greatest flaw. 

Dang nab it!

I realize I sound like a total grump but amidst all of my responsibilities in the past week I think I stayed true to myself, that I stayed happy, and that I conquered all of my tasks like a boss! It's tough to stay grounded and positive when everything is so go, go, go but you make the most of it. My wise sister told me to gain some clarity by taking back who I am and owning it. I thought that was a good start so that's what I will do... in February. Ha!

I'm writing this month off and starting over then just so I can at least consider some resolutions and get my feet under me. February is the new January, yeah?! Until then, I'm recharging my positive vibes, starting with these quotes. 

Game on.


  1. So true. Life is so much better when we care a little less about what everyone else is doing. I'm sure if we actually knew how much time people spent thinking about us or concerning themselves over us we would be sorely disappointed!!