January 8, 2016


I like the phase I am in because I stumble into a lot of teaching moments with a little lady that immediately grants me second chances. (let's hope she's still somewhat forgiving when she's older!) 
This story might be a little gross but I'm telling it anyway. 

I was trying to lift Remi onto the bathroom counter this morning to do her hair and in a fit of stubbornness she grabbed an unopened box of tampons and chucked them. They conveniently landed in the toilet. I quickly fished out the box, opened it up, and dumped out the dang tampons onto the counter. I was annoyed because, lets be real, who loves going out and buying these things in the first place?? Some were a little wet but I fortunately saved most of them. 

The rest of the morning was filled with similar stubborn episodes and I was just so confused at why Remi was being such a punk! I was trying to get laundry done, get the last of my Christmas decorations gathered up (procrastinator much?), get lunch started and I just didn't have much patience. 

I was kneeling in a circle of folded piles of clothes when Remi came up to me, pulled the dish towel out of my grasp, and grabbed my hand saying, "come oooooooon" in her adorable little voice. It was that classic mom moment where you take a step back and realize the chores can wait and you need to be present for your littles for a minute, no matter what deadlines have to be met. We played downstairs with all of her new Christmas toys and slid down the slide forEVER. Remi was CRACKING up! Heck, I would laugh at the sight of me trying to fit down a baby slide head first too.

We were having so much fun that I then decided to bundle Remi up, put on Jason's snow gear (because mine somehow disappeared in the move) and trudge outside in the snow. I realize it takes far more time to put the snow stuff on versus how long kids actually last out in the snow when they're this age but just picture them in their chunky snow suits and you will remember it's so worth it! 
We had so much fun and she lasted way longer than I thought she would! I pulled Remi around the yard on her sled, that she calls "buddy", and her little squeals of laughter just melted me. I can easily say that was the most joy I've seen on her little face ever, and she's a cheeseball so that's saying something! 

It was: belly flop on buddy + squeal and laugh as we glided around + slowly slide off + repeat. 
She was, again, just CRAAACKING up! Her laughs amplified x1000 when I tried to jump on buddy with her in my arms. We legit fell a few times but when you see your little toddler hunched over laughing so hard she can barely breathe, you do it anyway. ;)

When I put Remi down for her nap later she was beat and I left the room with her usual words, "nigh nigh, I love you!" trailing behind me. I just love her!

I finished folding my heaping pile of laundry and was on cloud 9 just picturing how much fun the last hour was. Where was all of that patience and energy earlier? I appreciate a little lady who unknowingly helps me be my best self. I think that's the blessing of motherhood. Remi is getting cuter by the second and she makes us SO happy. She's also getting a bit more demanding and knowledgeable. Hoping that she will entertain herself and stay happy just doesn't cut it anymore. It's hard to juggle everything you have on your plate WHILE entertaining a toddler but man did I learn a valuable lesson. Besides, playing with your toddler is way more fun than laundry any day!


  1. Seriously, everyday. Work work work and then I'm reminded that, "children are not a distraction from more important work. They ARE the most important work." I have to remind myself constantly. Seeing pictures of Remalem in her puffy snow stuff reminds me of Bails. SO SQUISHY AND CUTE!

  2. days like this are the best, they keep us mama's going!! I feel like we usually need these days more than they do :)