February 20, 2016

GNO Weekity End

When Jason headed out for his winter camp this weekend I slapped the letters GNO on the calendar in thick black marker. This isn't to be confused with your friendly gynecological appointment but rather GIRLS NIGHT OUT! 

I didn't have any plans really but I knew it had to include treats (naturally) so we ended up hitting up every quaint coffeehouse, cafe and bakery possible. In Lethbridge that reaches a grand total of 3! Haha jk, but there is a cute little vibe in those type of restaurants and I thought it would be fun. (We have a slight obsession with Crazy Cakes and you will see why in the pics below!)

Remi is 2 in just over two months and I am pretty neutral about the whole thing because she's already making some significant changes. I think they give this phase the "terrible two" title because kids this age start to grow a backbone. I babysat since grade 7 and I'm telling you, the two year olds kicked my butt. It was hard keeping up - not quite Kardashian level but pretty darn close! I just feel like two year olds run the show. They aren't old enough to be independent but they are old enough to feel and want to be independent. 

Remi is all about walking instead of being stuck in her stroller or sitting in the chairs at the table instead of her highchair. She has become a pretty picky eater and that's a bit of a struggle but give her options and she will pick one. She just likes to make her own decisions. When we put her to bed she tells us when she wants a little cuddle, a book, a drink, or when to be put in her crib. When she wakes up it's "mom", "dad", or "jaaaaason!" hahaha. I know most moms frown on this stuff but Remi gives pretty assertive no's and the only reason I don't mind it is because she's meaning NO. It's nice to know what she wants. I'm a pretty go-with-the-flow type of person and so this age is a lot more demanding to me but I like the communication. It's probably good for me to be exposed to some decisiveness! ;)

As we roamed downtown this afternoon I kept looking at Remi with those classic mom eyes. I just was extremely grateful and wanted to do everything fun! We explored, danced to music blaring from the car, played eye spy and took a million pictures. Remi got to the point where she would just run to a spot, stop and say, "PICTURE, MAMA!" Her poses didn't last more than a second but I was loving it. Looooooving it! Every expression, every emotion, every laugh and I was responsible for them, for her. It just makes me feel super important. I get to be her mom and I get to have ridiculous girls nights like these for the rest of my life! -- Love you, Roo!


  1. She looks so old sitting on the stool by the window! She is darling!!

    1. Thank you Chelan! I agree. She was such a little lady!