February 5, 2016

"Keen Kon"

We are 4 years apart. She's tall, I'm short. She's thin, I could do better. She's blonde, I'm dirty blonde. She's my only sister, and I wouldn't have asked for anyone else!

Lo is a gem. She wears a million different hats as a mother and is more than willing to put on another one if it means helping out. Despite what she is going through, she is always there for me. She would do anything for anyone and when she packed up her kids and came to visit this weekend, I was pumped! For daaaaays. Seriously.

We had the greatest time and I love her cute kids. It was so fun watching Remi try to keep up with the big kids. Bailey was the sweetest and always gets down to Remi's level to help her and play. I would be perfectly happy if Remi turned out just like her. I'm counting on Ollie and Ray Ray to keep Remi from becoming too prissy. ;) They all played so well and can I just say - Ray and Ollie have the most adorable low voices that crack me up! I could listen to them forever. They have always called Remi, Remalema Ding Dong and I remember back in the summer listening to Ray vocalize that little nickname and I immediately melted! 

Funny Story:
The other day we were at my mom's house and we were going through pictures of all of the Bennett cousins, naming them one by one. When we pointed at Ollie, Remi would say "Keen Kon". I was super confused. King Kong? What was she saying? We continued through the line and over and over she would call Ollie, "Keen Kon". My mom asked if she had any nick names for him and I cluelessly said, "no, but he just calls her Remalema Ding Dong". Then Remi pipes up, "KEEN KON!"
Oh, duh! She's calling him ding dong
We all killed ourselves laughing and it's still hilarious to me. Despite my best efforts to maybe not encourage ding dong, since it's not very polite,  Remi still called him ding dong all weekend. Ollie was a good sport, as long as it came from JUST Remi since she doesn't know any better. If it came from Bailey or Ray, that was a bit of a different story. ;)

Anyways, it was a party weekend and I appreciate a crew that can come and just vibe with our vibe. No hard feelings, no demands, no particularities, no tension. It was so refreshing and I really needed it, so thank you Lo for being the best! Also, thanks for witnessing Remi's first officially sitting through a movie at the theatre! I'm convinced it's because she had Ding Dong next to her! :P

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