February 8, 2016

Sweet + Spunky

Can we just take a minute and praise Mother Nature for this weather lately?! I could have done without the wind 2 days ago but this "spring in February" situation has been sweeeeeet!

So we threw 3 parties in 4 days - one of them being a 2-day ordeal. My trips to Party City haven't been just for kicks, peeps! Life is good. 
  • Roo has been the perfect little sidekick. She is getting spunkier and sweeter by the day. We run and race "mark, get set, go!" down the halls or across the rooms and my full effort is always required. None of that sit and watch biz. That just doesn't cut it haha. 
  • She talks and mimics a lot which really helps me understand her! She plays a lot on her own and I love to watch her play! She's a busy busy little bee and I can tell she watches my routines a lot! Always washing, always cleaning.
  • Remi loves babies and puppies with all her adorable little heart. She wraps them up in little blankets and cuddles and rocks them in her arms singing "rocka baby, rocka baby" (rock-a-by baby), then turns to me saying "seepin, seepin". She has a lot of dogs in her life and names all toys after them. (ex. Maddox, Hanna, Riley) Oftentimes if I am wearing a hoodie, I get pulled to the ground and she guides me around the room by my drawstring haha.
  • Sidenote: I told Remi that puppies noses stay wet and that makes them happy so she has been sucking on her little puppy's head all morning! (see above pictures hahahaha)
  • She also loves to hide and scare!
  • Whenever she toots she laughs, "heard that!"
  • She peed on the potty (twice) and the first time Grandpa Bennett was over and close by so we cheered our hearts out for her together. Dad always seems to get in on the firsts and Remi was beaming! I did one serious happy dance. I could probably crack down on this potty training stuff soon (!!!)
  • Remi gives the cutest series of farewell phrases when she says goodbye that go a little something like this: See ya! Bye! *High five* I love you. Nigh nigh. *Blow kiss* *wave* Have fun! -- over and over. I love it!
There just aren't words for how much happiness this lady brings into our life! She is just such a gem, a Rem gem. Whenever people ask what my favorite phase with her has been, I give the honest answer - right now.

See ya! *Hi Five* Have fun!