March 17, 2016

Fruit Rainbow FTW!

Rem and I woke up with appetites today! Huzzah! It was a St. Patty's Day miracle. 

I have a picky eater on my hands but fruit is luckily always in the safe zone. I keep a lot of it readily accesible so when I stared into the fridge stumped on what to put together, this fruit rainbow came to mind. Perfect for the holiday and so much easier than green-colored pancakes, eggs or OJ - right?! I snapped one pic and Remi's paws were literally "tasting the rainbow".

While we are on the topic of picky eaters, I need some serious feedback on the matter. We aren't tip-toeing around allergies here, Remi is just straight up stubborn about some foods. In some instances it's textures, in others it's temperature and some days she just flips a switch to her favorites being the worst and her nastiest being the greatest. Meal prep is a DOOOOOZY! 

If any of you have heard of or have some expertise in the matter, send some tips this way! I would love your advice on what worked or works for your picky eaters, what portions you know they should be having, and if this is just part of turning 2 soon!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Wish I had some advice for you! Mostly just wanted to comment on how cute and yummy that rainbow of fruit looks! And making a blanket fort for remi while she was sisk was so sweet. You are such an awesome mom.