March 29, 2016

Grungy and Groovin'

It has been family Easter overkill since Thursday and we have been loving it! I am not the most structured mom though, so I didn't even think about the fact that we had NO milk to wake up to this morning. Remi was a little ticked so we headed to the grocery store just down from our house in all our greasy glory. No no, like REALLY greasy. I went to grab Remi from the car and found her with her yak hair covering her eyes (some stuck in the snot running from her nose), with a poor excuse of a mini bun hanging on for dear life in the back. I caught my own reflection and can't say I looked much better...

We walked our pathetic bodies into the store and pranced through the grocery aisles with no shame as Remi filled our basket as fast as I could put all unnecessary items back. We honestly had the best time and when we slammed the doors shut to head back home I paused, looked back at Remi, and burst into laughter!! We looked soooo terrible you guys! Remi had no idea what was going on but she hunched her little back, placed her little hands over her mouth and chuckled (AKA hiss laughed) with me. I was almost crying from laughing so hard!!

After a crazy weekend with family, it comes as no surprise that I love getting the chance to let myself go and recuperate without the stress of being on the clock. I'm all about acting a little reckless and looking a little disheveled. Let's be honest, you all know by now that Remi and I are pretty darn good at it!

Hope you all had a fantastic Easter!!

Easter pics to come!
^^ even though I know you LOVE this beauty! ;)


  1. you NEVER look bad. Honestly!! Need I remind you the time you showed up at my house to drop off a Christmas card and me and my friend Kaitlyn were watching Michael Buble christmas in what I will ACTUALLY call the grunge bahaha!!!!

    1. Hahaha that was hilarious! But no for real!! With how we looked, I would have fit right in and I would have LOVED IT!