March 4, 2016

The "Slide of Terror"

Today when I mentioned the idea of going on a walk Remi disappeared for a bit and ran back in with her hot pink Nikes (complete with Molly bubble guppies socks) strapped on, ready to go! You bet I kept that blinding duo on in public! Her effort didn't go unnoticed. ;)

We strolled and strolled and ended up at the park where I stopped to get a rock out of my boot. I looked up to see Remi half way up the ladder to the "slide of terror" - dun dun dunnnn. It has earned it's name because it's gigantic, steep, and young children despise it. My first memory of this slide was Ben, Shayla and I going down it at night, train style. We didn't realize there was a big puddle at the end so when we all went down we forced the first person (poor Shay) into this said puddle. It was terrible and hilarious at the same time. It' s just a crazy slide!

So here Remi is half way up the slide ladder and I start sprinting! 
"Remi! Wait, wait, waaaaait!"
She was beaming and as I got close to help her, she pushed me away. I just let her go for it and when I realized how confident she was, I whipped out my camera! haha. I booked it to the end of the slide just as she was sitting down and she went for it! Guys, I was SO proud! Her landing was a little rough but she got up and tried it again. I wouldn't really label her as the gutsy type so I have no idea where this was coming from! (high fives all around!!) Her second landing resulted in a little bonk to the head so we headed to the swings but you better believe I gave her a big ol' cookie when we got home. 

We are conquering this slide one stomach flutter and rough landing at a time.

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