April 13, 2016

Remi Update: "Almost 2"

I'm not entirely sure if I deserve this little lady of ours but she turns two in a couple of weeks and I can't help but think how extreme of a gift it is to be blessed with a child - especially one like her. I was diagnosed with secondary infertility the end of last year (which I am just starting to openly talk about) and it has upped my mom-game x1000! I post way too much, I brag way too much, I take far too many pictures, I plan out little games and activities like a gung-ho kindergarten teacher and I soak up every second because she's here and she's ours! It has really helped me to be present and live in the now instead of wishing for our future. 

Deets about Roo these days:

EATING • she is getting a lot better! For a while she would only go for fruit and starches but meat and veggies are slowing making their way to the list. Thanks to Bubble Guppies she has always loved the "leaves" on broccoli though. ;)
• Not a fan of juice and pop - too "spicy" haha.
• My advice with picky eaters: they need a lot of variety and then they pick their favorites for that moment. What they don't want at one meal could be their favorite for the next or vice versa. Let's just say I have been loving meal plans these days - not.

HOBBIES/FAVS • dress up, being outside, reading books, hiding and scaring, counting to 10, singing, colors, parks, undies and pull-ups, going on the potty, coloring, stickers, babies, animals - especially dogs, looking for "BIG trucks!", watching Guppies and Frozen, somewhat folding laundry, sleeping, cousins, dad's dirt bike, cleaning up, putting things in little purses and bags, talking on phones and listening/dancing to music.

TALKING • What's your name? "Remi." How old are you? "Almost 2." I'm hoping the simple response of "two" will take effect soon! 
•she talks a lot and people are very surprised with how much she says so this list would go on and on but just a few favorite things are her counting, colors, how quick she is to learn names and point people out, when she says prayers, and that she assigns adjectives to people and calls Jason handsome all throughout the day.
• I also love when she unexpectedly knows the words and joins in on songs. Justin Bieber and Sam Smith lyrics KILL me! Also, I have sung the same song to her every night since she was born and she now sings the chorus with me. My heart explodes each time! It's called, "Life That's Good" from the show Nashville. Guilty pleasure haha.

FRUSTRATIONS • this might be a mom concern but she LOVES her bottle. She takes cups, straws, and the occasional sippy but her bottle is her pal. I will probably have to do the whole, "bottles are for babies so we have to send them away" situation soon.
• she hits when she's straight up TICKED.
• she tries to do my hair but just puuuuulls! I have a pretty tough head but this is the worst!
• Miss Independent. She has to sit, climb, fold, etc. her own way but I am learning a lot of patience.
• her rats nest hair tangles every morning and after each nap. Boooo!
• that she would rock potty training if she could only get her pants off by herself... explain that one to me "I trained my kids as newborns" type parents! ;)

MY FAVORITES • she is a trooper in the chariot and handles going on runs like a champ!
• this age they are sponges and she learns very quickly!
• I love getting her dressed each day. I also have a mini shoe obsession...
• when she prays.
• Her relationship with Jason (whom she calls daddy 40% of the time and Jason the other 60% bahaha!)
• just dropped her second nap but she still naps for 3 hours (if we are at home) and I love time to myself!
• that she is so happy.
• she is actually super helpful and we can be quite productive! Key words there: can be. ;)
Of all the careers in life, I feel that motherhood has to be the most rewarding. HANDS DOWN! It's the promotion of all promotions! I have really enjoyed who I have become because of it. You take on crazy projects, test your limits and unfortunately deal with a lot of emotion in the rawest forms but with Remi I have learned to channel a lot of positivity by learning to be patient and push through the negative. Our life is not perfect but it's perfect for us and I give a lot of credit to this Rem Gem of ours... who is "almost 2"!