May 1, 2016

May 2016 Goals

I've taken a different route this year, goal-wise. I kind of loathe goal-making in the new year and am filled with guilt before the process even begins! We have all been there. You try to set up resolutions and fail the first week so they fizzle. You start up some other goals a few weeks later, forget, and finally decide to just admit defeat and forget the process altogether. The year goes on and you muster up the motivation spontaneously to try out some more goals only to be disappointed yet again. The WORST!

Well this year I switched it up. I shared what I have been doing with some friends the other day and they loved it so I figured I should share it with you! I pick one word for the year to focus my goals on and instead of making way too many goals for the 365 days, I set a handful of goals just for the month. I write in my journal what those goals are and have found it has been a lot easier and a lot more satisfying! There has been a lot less pressure and a much higher success rate so if you're like me and want to kick goal-setting in the butt, start now and try this out!

My word for the year is ACCEPTANCE.
For obvious reasons, this is a key part of my life right now with our infertility journey and my role as a mother but it also greatly effects my role as a wife, a friend, a sibling, etc. I sometimes get into ruts and I generally regret how I feel/act in those ruts so this is me trying to overcome that regret this year by accepting things as they are, having faith in my Heavenly Father's plan for me, and loving life + those in it with me the best that I can!


Run/exercise minimum 2 x per week
Organize all personal photos for the month >> delete the lame ones
ZERO unnecessary spending
Make it a habit to tell Jason how much I adore him
Start up the Contentment Challenge (super pumped about this!)
Healthier breakfasts
Be more genuinely involved
Scroll less
Get outside
Read Ensign
Mother's Day lovin'
Complete 2015 yearbook


  1. One of my fav things to do is take all the photos off mine and Nicks phones and delete the worthless ones and organize the good ones. Feels soooo good!

    1. The bESSSST feeling!! I don't get to Jason's phone as often so good idea! I don't know if I want to see all of those dumb guy chat pics though... ;P

  2. I love this! I might just steal all your goals too! I have never heard of the contentment challenge but I'm interested, maybe I can start with 1 month though :P