May 24, 2016


Hey guys! Long time no see! We have been swamped with fun over here. No complaints that's for sure! It rained for 3 days straight so our long weekend was contained indoors but that's nothing indoor jungle gyms and a little bowling can't fix right? Remi has been catching up with one big snooze-fest all afternoon so I think it's safe to say life has been good to us.

Speaking of good to us, Sunday morning I came across a drone giveaway by The Bucket List Family. I got super pumped and told Jason I was going to enter because we have been DYING to get a drone (thanks to Mark who bought a phantom last week and has been torturing us with it's rad tricks). He had NO FAITH and so I ignored him and entered anyway. 

Well yesterday morning my day was made when I found out WE ARE...

Take that JP.

Now, we just need to prove him wrong by winning this thing. It would mean the world if you guys voted for us!

Click the link below and vote for PHOTO B!

You can only vote once, but enter your friends, your families, and your pets because we would really appreciate it!

Maybe if we win, I will fly a sweet little love note or possibly a mini chocolate bar to your doorstep. ;)

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