June 3, 2016


Last Christmas a few of my girlfriends and I decided to get together and buy our husbands Nitro Circus tickets. Our husbands have been CRAZY into dirt biking and we haven't ever been on a trip all together so we figured it was about time! 

Nitro Circus is an action sport collective company that goes around doing shows with the craziest stunts you can think of on dirt bikes, BMX bikes, quads, skateboards, rollerblades, scooters, you name it! Us wives didn't go, but the videos were insane. These guys are flippin' crazy and we were PUMPED this show wasn't rained out like the Calgary show the week before. They were thanking their lucky stars because the show ended and it POURED - it was like clockwork! (insert prayer emoji here)

The rest of the trip was just fun simply because we were with great friends. We hit up West Edmonton Mall which is always a good time. We shopped, hit up Galaxy Land, the water park, and ate double our weight in food which is bound to be a recipe for a good time! ;)

My phone is on the fritz and is always "full storage" even though it's basically empty, so I banked on a lot of GoPro footage. We had two between the 4 couples and it turns out they are forbidden at waterparks. We got a lot of whistles shot our way (and not the complimentary kind). The slide workers would give me a lecture and then "quotation mark" phrases like, "I won't stop you from taking it down just this once" or "just don't get caught", so we snagged a bit of footage and it still made a for decent video!


PS - Jason has always wanted to try the FlowRider so this time he and Alan took the plunge... literally... 1000 times! Looks so painful but they eventually figured it out and they both could surprisingly move the next day!! ;)

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