June 28, 2016

Oh Darling, Let's Be Adventurers

My friend Brit texted me the other day wanting to go on a hike and the next thing I knew we had rounded up a little crew, had babies strapped to our backs, and we were hiking Bears Hump. Yeah, maybe not our best choice to kick off the summer but the burn is good for you right?!

I was hit with these weird sappy feelings as I was hiking that got me pumped! I just felt like this was the good stuff, the meaningful stuff. Heck yeah it was hard and shade was my best friend, but seeing Remi's excitement on the top of that mountain and knowing that all of us mamas got our kids there was kind of inspiring! Getting out in nature is something my family always did and always does. I feel like the fresh air is my happy place.

As a mom any adventure is risky because kids are unpredictable but that's life. Besides, getting outside with a cranky toddler is way better than staying in with a cranky toddler so we choose adventure! If anyone's wanting to try another one sometime soon, count me in! I loved this hike and I'm looking forward to more this summer with family and friends.

PS - Remi doesn't often have just the guy friends to hang out with so this was a first! Love these little buddies.

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