July 20, 2016

1/4 of a Century (!!!)

It was my birthday yesterday and nothing feels much different, however, turning 25 sounds super old to me! 

My day started with a classic game of hot + cold from my rad sister-in-law Kristi who had spent the night. She always finds the best stuff! haha. Then we enjoyed a yummy breakfast made by JP (with our new griddle ps) and it was delish! My day with Kristi was then spent kicking it with our 3 littles in tow so we hit up a park, enjoyed visits from family and friends, ran some errands with Jono and Janay while Kristi watched Rem, and it was just the best chill day. Kristi is one in a million and always make you feel like a million bucks! 
We ended the night with dinner at BP's celebrating twinhood with the entire fam jam (minus Lo + Austy) where Shay surprised us with a DQ oreo icecream cake. Holla! After that we headed back to our place for games. I could have died a happy lady that night. I have been blessed with the best and I owe my happy life to the most stellar family + friends! 

Cheers to summer birthdays and a lot of treats! No for real, this pic was a part of my birthday stash from 3 separate people. They all know me toooooo well! Crazy Cakes FTW!

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