September 22, 2016

[W]RAP Vids

I have been compiling all of our footage from the summer and fiiiiinally have it all organized. It's the best feeling and I couldn't help but pump out some videos wrapping up some of the fun we had. These are all mostly for family and I do NOT claim to be good at video, it's just a fun hobby.

It's kind of surprising, these shots were all taken in July. I don't even know where August went... ! It must have been that good. ;)


  1. Adorable videos as per usual. Honestly the hardest part I find isn't putting videos together it's getting good shots to begin with!! You have a special talent for capturing small moments that normally pass us by that should not be forgotten.

    1. Ahh thanks Kylie! It's seriously so hard to get shots like I used to now with a busy toddler around ;) but I love it still!

  2. These have been so much fun to watch! Bry you are so talented.