September 12, 2016

You Are Loved Printable

I found some fun picture hangers from the thrift store and I was dying to put them to use the second I got them. I didn't know what print I would put in, let alone where I would put it so I perused Pinterest. That's when I found a million "DIY poster prints". After seeing how simple it was, heck yeah I wanted to create my own!!

This print is a perfect gender neutral and I think these hangers are as rad as it gets so I put one in Remi's room. I don't even know what these hangers would be called if I wanted to search them online but they're great. Thrift find FTW!

I printed my file off at Staples where they convert your poster into an engineer print in rich black + white. It was super fast too! This one was printed as an 11 x 17 for $1 (STEAL!) but with this PDF you can print it all the way up to a 20 x 30. (the perfect size for these Ikea frames)

I'm sharing the love so if you want to print one off for yourself, feel free! If you don't have big frames, or prefer the taped look, there are so many cute tape options out there too.

Download >> You Are Loved Print

FYI • I didn't mind the white border, but you can definitely trim it off if you wish!