October 20, 2016

Dreamer Playlist 2016

Sometimes when Jason and I get our lives somewhat synced, we set out some goals and dreams and then end up dreaming some more. I have been pretty obsessed with VW camper vans for a while now and I could stare at these above Westy's forever. Beauties right?! Like I said, we're dreamers. 

I feel like dreaming creates sparks for us to stay motivated. We have been working on a million projects and dealing with a lot of conflict these days and I feel like it's these type of things that keep us happy and hopeful. We like to look ahead and if I'm being honest, I am bound and determined to include one of these rad VW vans somewhere in that view. Fifteen-year plan here I come! ;)

Do any of you have random things or dreamy thoughts like this that get you pumped? I would love to hear about them!

The other thing that has me pumped lately has been this playlist! Can we just imagine for 2 seconds cruising those roads in those VW's with these tunes blaring??!

Ahhhh heaven. 

Okay, I'm over it. But not really. ;)

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