November 21, 2016


Today I neglected all Monday responsibilities, hopped in the car with Remi and drove. With an apple and a package of soda crackers in tow, we peaced out of the city and all Remi kept repeating was, "Mom, are we going on an adventure?" 


I don't know about you, but some MOST days all I want to do is get out, explore, and snap some photos. I never regret it. After meandering through the prairies and farmland, we ended up at Wally's Beach. We maaaaybe dodged a "DO NOT ENTER" sign, and hiked in but it was worth it. The water was a gorgeous, hazy seafoam green and as we stared out we could see the snow-covered mountains in the softest, billowing clouds. If that's not blahhh poetry enough, we stayed there all afternoon just soaking it up collecting pieces of driftwood. ;) 
From the prairies, to the beach, to the mountains, I would say the Southern Alberta trifecta is one in a million! Beats laundry and cleaning my house ANY day. 

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