November 15, 2016

Top 5 Questions About Chatbooks

The response to our Chatbooks video was kind of unreal! I didn't expect that and it has been a lot of fun! There is just 1 week left to order your free Chatbook so click the link below to get started!
Key word there: order. Please be sure to actually order your books!

I am loving all of your queries so I decided to quickly answer the top 5 questions you have had here on the blog. I've included a quick picture of my soft cover series over the past 4 years ^^^ for those who were wondering. Note: I am far from an expert on this so my answers are all strictly from my own personal experience! :)


1. Do I have to fill all 60 pages before I have to print?

If you are printing a series, yes, you have to wait until the 60 pages are filled to print. But if you are printing a custom book, no. You can add however many photos you want before printing.
They all would make great gifts for parents and grandparents this Christmas -- just saying! ;)

2. What is this "source" I have to add when starting my book?

This is simply what you will link your book series to. Instagram is the source I would definitely recommend. (be sure you know your username and password to set this up) You can link it to a private or public Instagram account of yours and then any posts you make will automatically be included in your Chatbook.

MY SPECIAL TIP: For those of you who post 3+ photos to your Instagram every time you post because it's "for your Chatbooks",  you have the option in the Chatbooks app to add your own photos! 
Click on "edit book", scroll to the bottom, and click the + to add your photos.

For those of you who like the ease of posting in Instagram , I would suggest creating a separate, private Instagram account that you can then link that private account to your public one. From your home page in Instagram you can toggle between your two accounts - posting one photo to your public account, and the rest to your private account so that you aren't overwhelming people with numerous posts!

These two options are a big deal. It makes your followers a lot happier when you aren't filling their feeds for your Chatbooks, even if your kids are THAT cute! :)

3. What if I don't want some of my pictures included in my Chatbook?

Sometimes you don't want to print some of the pictures you posted. Prime example of this is when you post a video. The video obviously can't play in your book so they include a still shot at a random point in your video. It doesn't always look very good so I often choose to take that picture out by clicking on that picture and choosing the "exclude" button at the bottom so that picture will no longer print.

4. How do these books REALLY hold up with kids?

Remi is 2 and grabs these books every day! Our books have held up through it all. They even have a waterproof option but I haven't had to take advantage of that yet. The pages are great quality and hold up great!

5. I'm so hit or miss with journaling! Do you really love this process?

HUGE YES to this question! I'm the exact same way with journaling! As much as I love it, it's hard to stay consistent. With Chatbooks it is a lot easier, not 100% by any means but so much easier! HONEST. I can quickly type out a caption, a text page, or throw in a picture while waiting at the doctors office, in the car after a fun chat with a friend, or just before bed at night in no time at all. You can't go wrong with these books!

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