January 13, 2017

Be YOU with your crew

Relationships are tricky business. Friends, family, partners -- I find that this past year each of these departments have thrown me curve balls. I can blame it on the insecurities of others or the fabricated perfection of social media but I just feel like i'm constantly getting told that people struggle with the way I am. The people pleaser in me thinks, "what's my deal?!"

I struggle just like all of you struggle. I see faults in others just as all of you see faults in others. I look out for my peeps just as you look out for your peeps. After being thrown into the stickiest situations this past year, I have decided to cling to some important lessons:
  1. Fake it till you make it - smile and show kindness until they become involuntary + real.
  2. Sometimes you just need to distance yourself for a second and prioritize your relationships.
  3. Everyone is fighting a hard battle so take it eeeeeasy.
  4. Sometimes you're the problem and sometimes you're not!
  5. People can accept you or reject you but you just need to BE YOU WITH YOUR CREW.
Here's to a little more positivity because ain't nobody got time for the other stuff! Life is too good. I'm really starting to crave genuine souls over here. They're my favorite. :)


  1. I'm sad because my computer doesn't have emojis so i can't do the hand one that i think means amen? anyways i love you.

  2. Haha I always catch myself wishing I could use emojis in my posts! Haha thanks CoFro. I love you x A MILLION!