January 2, 2017

What the drone??

Well happy 2017 everybody! I have about (no joke) 8 drafts built up in my posts right now that just seemed a little too sappy, a little too emotional, or a little too blah SO I deleted them and we are starting fresh!! 

New year. New mindset, yeah?

This morning was a holiday and whoever decided that was a genius because I loved having an extra day with JP after the crazy of new years! We of course neglected all household responsibilities for the morning and hit up the sugar bowl with our new drone in tow. This thing sure takes some getting used to and boy do we have some stories for YOU! One maaaaay include getting the drone stuck in my parents huge cottonwood tree overnight on boxing day. Boo! I knew it would come down, I just was bummed about the footage we missed that day. We have ZERO footage of Christmas in Magrath by the way and I can honestly tell you it was because it was so much fun. TOO much fun! I was so distracted and I loved it so no complaints.

Anyway, sledding today was a blast and it mainly consisted of Remi and I going down over and over while Jason flew the drone. (We have yet to name it. Suggestions welcome!) Remi got an insane amount of powder in her face every time and I was legit concerned! Remi was a champ and would laugh her face off and yell "AGAIN" after each run so the powder kept coming! She's a good sport in the snow which I definitely L O O O O O V E!
Hardest part about the hill was trying to tow the sled and 30-pound Remi up it! It was so slick and we struggled bad but Remi laughed and laughed!! Jason obviously got a kick out of it too because we have a lot of shots of us falling haha! 

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and we wish you the best in 2017! Hopefully by 2018 we have this drone thing figured out... ;) For now, you just have to try and spot us as we pan out and off of the screen haha! Work in progress.

[VID SONG: Wizard of Meh by Pogo]

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