March 14, 2017

Little Hacker

I used to take great pride in Remi's hair. She started out with a lot of it -- nice and dark. So cute! It transformed into the angel locks she has today and in the summer it bleached white white. Well, lately being the independent feisty pants she is, she has taken it upon herself twice in the last 3 months to chop her own hair. I swear we locked it in the first time that YOU DON'T CUT YOUR OWN HAIR! But you know, she's basically a threenager and ready to move out already so what do I know?

I found this last hack job yesterday morning and I was soooo bummed! I made her stick by me all day and do helpful jobs which tested my own patience way more than hers, but I think she got the point because when Jason asked her about it at the end of the day, she looked at me with a pretty fearful and apologetic expression. Haha poor girl! I'm mostly frustrated with the bangs. My friend and I were just commenting on the weekend at how cute they had grown out!

*smack palm to forehead*

The top is actually nice and layered haha but the rest is doomed. I haven't even bothered asking my hairdresser friends to touch it up because I know it just needs to grow. Luckily it grows fast! Her last cut took 2.5 months to grow back but that snip in the back is BAAAAD! I can kind of hide it with pigtails but we definitely have a nice conversation piece for the next little while here. 

I knew I should have made her a hat kid. Here's hoping she gets some thickness out of all this!


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    1. Seriousky! Did Bailey ever cut hers? I'm considering a pixie cut just to even it all out! Haha