March 27, 2017

The Everyday Grind.

I'm one of those weirdos that actually doesn't mind winter... I know. But when the rays start coming out and the warmth is contagious, I say "sign me uuuuup!" We spent the past weekend outside, almost entirely! Waterton was still quite wintery but it was neat experiencing all 4 seasons in one day haha. Now that it's nice out, Sunday usually includes a walk around the nature trail that is basically in my parent's backyard. I appreciate a family that loves nature and Remi is getting to be SOOOO fun on adventurous --- so entertaining! I don't know where her love for running came from all of a sudden, but I'm a fan! She sleeps like a champ afterwards too! ;)

Lately I've been working on time management. I am very prone to bumming on the couch in my down time. It's dumb. Instagram, sifting through photos, Gilmore Girls, wannabe guitar tabs on repeat -- you name it, I'm probably guilty of it! They aren't necessarily terrible things and heck yeah, we all deserve some lazy time to ourselves once in a while but at the end of the day it's about productivity for me. I love to feel like I accomplished something even if motherhood, in all it's forms, is the most rewarding assignment of all.
Life with Remi is very spontaneous and in the moment. We kind of like life all over the place. Some mornings Remi just wants to sit and snuggle, other times she's dressed herself in an outrageous getup and she's ready for an adventure! To maintain some type of structure, I've noticed that we like to include the same basic things in our everyday that get us through and you're probably similar!

Exercise. Nature. Music. Reading.

It's what works for us and brings some helpful options after tantrums or moments where I lack serious motivation. Lately I have been under some insane stress, especially with our next IVF session coming up. (IVF update coming soon!) I would classify this current stress more as "emotional upheaval" BUT it's handled great when I can unwind and just let go. No negativity. No drama. Ain't nobody got time for that! I notice more distance in some of my relationships but again, it works for us at the moment. We turn to these activities a lot! Remi can be part of all 4, she is a lot more active and sweet tempered, plus it makes me feel like a million bucks! I would love to know what you like to include in your everyday, especially with kids!

Spring is heeeeya and we finally have some warm weathaaaa so I hope you're all enjoying it!

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