March 19, 2017


I headed out with Remi this weekend to help Janay out as a model for her microblading course. (She crushed it and I love them by the way.) While I was in Edmonton I stayed at my brother's house with his amazing wife and 5 kiddos. I used to live with them after I graduated high school and I feel like they're a second family almost for me haha. Their youngest 3-year-old son was diagnosed with cancer just a few months ago. We haven't been able to get together for 5 months which has equalled about 5 years in my heart so when Remi and I pulled up to their house and they all came running to greet us, I teared up a little! haha.

The weekend was relaxed and filled with just simple but gold memories. Morgan let Remi ransack her generation doll collection and she was in HEAVEN! I finally got to catch up with my sister in laws and I just felt so loved and understood for the first time in a long time! D&K took me out to Red Robin which, if you know me, is the best ever! Jesse had a kub kar rally and his "bat couch" was the raddest. I maaaay have entered a few extra ballots for his car in the 'fan favorite' voting box. We had a fun girls night and rode giant paw patrol cruisers around the mall haha! Kristi gave me a whole morning to myself and part of it I just sat and ate in peace and quiet. #momlife ;) 
Andrew had soccer provincials and in his first 30 seconds out, scored a goal! MVP! We kicked it at my sisters house, ate the yummiest soup ever, and they introduced me to the new Zelda haha. I could go on for days. I needed this weekend.

On the drive home Remi was so tired that she started having a tantrum over the fact that I was holding the steering wheel...?! She kept yelling, "don't touch it! It will be fine! Mom, we won't crash!" as she sobbed and sobbed. I took it as a sign of complete exhaustion from an amazing weekend haha.

I started going through my phone pics today and came across a plethora of grainy gems. To me, that's happy. That's genuine, "in the moment" fun. No time for uniform edits or filters. This weekend was about making time for the people you love who, in return, make life worth it and make you feel like gold. To me, that's the important stuff!

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