April 12, 2017

Green[ish] Thumb

I'm a huge advocate for home being your little sanctuary for happiness. Ours is always changing but I really love making our house a home -- making it our own. Remi was getting a little bored  the other morning and I was feeling the itch to go look at flowers so we decided to head out and raid a few different garden centres + green houses close to our house to spruce things up a little. At the check out Remi told the cashier, "we just need some kid-friendly, little cuties." HAHA! I may have reiterated that point one too many times. I was laughing so hard! She's my little parrot for sure. 

If you can't tell, these are the most non-green thumb plants around. They're super low maintenance! Remi held them and chatted with them ("hey bud!") all afternoon so I think we nailed the kid-friendly part!
[Sidenote: Have I mentioned how much I ADORE the phase Remi is in right now? Because I do! She is so funny and just gets me. The other day I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she told me she should maybe start collecting hats like me. I told her she can do that when she's older and she replied with the most content, "oh, sure!" It's not like I talk about how much I love hats, she's just the most keen and observant little lady and it cracks me up! She carries conversation like an adult sometimes. It's entertaining for sure!] 
Anyways, I love walking into the front room now and seeing the pop of neon green and orange. Definitely brightens things up! We don't live in the most plant-friendly area so you gotta do what you gotta do. Here's to green-ish thumbs, some consistent warmth, and to all the "kid-friendly little cuties"! ;)

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