May 23, 2017

May Long in Waterton

It's not every day you get a day like yesterday. We pulled up to the lakes and everything was seriously GLASSSS. Everyone and their dog was there (no for real, a lot of cute cute dogs) but it didn't even matter that there was mass pandemonium and the place was bumpin' -- it was BEAUTIFUL out and we were pumped to just kick it in such a gorgeous place with family and friends!

Sidenote: Jason is really figuring out this whole drone thing and it has me pumped for more adventures!! We are so sketch with our videography. I mean, I use my iPhone 98% of the time guys, that's why I sold my DSLR. Granted, the iPhone 7 has a pretty rad camera, it's still a little pathetic that we are too cheap to invest in some good equipment. When I see shots like this with the drone, I want to get better! Maybe by the end of this year we will amp things up a bit and get some fun gear to match the drone. That thing is sick! Check it out.

And while I'm at it, look out for some gems like:
FIN'S HULA! 😳  Skill! I was dying laughing.
Obviously Jason's drone clips.
Jack teaching Rem to skip rocks.
Ben kyaking - hilarious!
That sun flare at the end! 😍

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