May 19, 2017

The Magic of Vulnerability Challenge

If you don't follow Weslie Christensen on any of your social media platforms, you're missing out! I feel connected to her because we both have babes named Remi ;) but she also has this edgier, real mama vibe that really speaks to me! I'm not kidding when I say she is REAL! You know how I've mentioned how I crave those genuine souls in the world? Well she's definitely one! Not afraid to lay it all out there, and loves unconditionally!

Gem status.

Right now she's challenging anyone who wants to, to join a vulnerability challenge. You can read alllll about it here but more importantly, you should just do it! It's nothing too crazy. Just some real posts here and there. There is no way I'll be posting every. single. day. for 30 days but it's definitely refreshing!

refreshing to let it all out.

refreshing to know you won't get stomped on and if you do, it ain't no thang.

refreshing to read other people's stories and how they cope on their journey in this crazy thing we call life.

Try just one post.

Here's mine!

Had the best time reconnecting with some friends tonight and it inspired me to jump in on this #MagicOfVulnerability challenge by @weslie_ because getting real is so refreshing! ⚡️ I know there is so much more behind these pretty faces, beautiful families, and fun adventures we endlessly scroll through, so feel free to do it with me!

REAL TALK: I'm a huuuuge people pleaser and lately I've been working on this whole back bone thing -- living life with more meaning, spending time with people who I'm comfortable with, speaking up, posting whatever I feel so inclined, doing the things I love, and all without hesitation or checking in with others first. 🙈  I've always worked so hard at making everyone around me happy that I somehow lost sight of being happy myself! Happiness is a choice so here is to being who YOU want to be. If others don't like it, then let them go (even if that option is super hard). Life isn't about pleasing everybody so kick it with the people that let you be YOU! 💯  None of that judgemental, walking on egg shells stuff. #makelifehappy #beyouwithyourcrew

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