June 10, 2017


I'm suuuper late to the party on this one but I've finally thrown some of the AZ footage together! We were there during Mother's Day and it was perfect because both of our parents showed up for the fun too! Remi was in grandparent heaven with all the attention and spoiling but I wasn't complaining.

A trip with both sets of "inlaws" is kind of a rare thing I feel. It was so interesting to see both worlds collide. For the first 2 days I turned into an analytical introvert and I think I was just intrigued to watch them interact -- sounds super creepy I know! It was fun though and Jason and I have been blessed with some of the best!

Drone shots were a lot of fun, the first baseball game we went to had karaoke fireworks afterwards, we checked out both temples, explored a bunch, and ate our weight in amazing state-side restaurants. Remi doesn't have a very athletic drive in her (other than running) but we tried out baseball and it was pretty funny. The "coach" was giving me some tips afterwards and said I needed to probably get her a baseball tee.

Dude, she's 3!

But yes, I bought a dang tee!

She's totally getting to that organized-sports age and I am totally becoming THAT mom. I'm so stoked! She will be hilarious.


  1. I always love your videos! The shots of the temples were amazing!!

  2. Hey thanks! And right?! I have a new obsession. The temple shots were my fav too!