October 17, 2017

Obsessive Creative Disorder -- it's a thing!

Oh hey! Long time no see!

My last pending post was all about summer, so that's a good indication as to how chaotic these past few months have been. My sister texted me a picture of a shirt with the letters OCD on it that stood for obsessive creative disorder -- we have both self-diagnosed ourselves and that's exactly what I've been up to lately. Just creating and loving it!

We shot some videos this summer that you can check out here.

Some more exciting news has been the proposal and marriage of my youngest brother! It is a pretty fun story considering he met her while he was serving a mission for our church and popped the question just 1.5 weeks after getting home, but hey, when you know - you know - you know? I'm so dang happy for them!

I was fortunate enough to get to tag-team their engagement photos with Janay. I am not a photographer so I gave them 3 sets of edits per photo because I'm indecisive like that and don't have a set "edit" or "look". 🤷🏼  They were soooo nice to let us experiment and hot dang are they ever a good looking couple!

They had a wedding reception in Utah a week before their wedding up here in Canada and again, I was fortunate to get in on some bridals they wanted to shoot! It turned into a family affair and all my rad cousins took their drones and cameras up the Provo canyon with us. The trees and lighting were UNREAL! Everywhere I turned, the scene would make my jaw drop! 

I tried out, yet AGAIN, another editing style and really fell in love with this one. The lighting changed 5 times that evening and even though I had never used this camera or lens before, it was magic. I'll let this footage do the talking.

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