I am bry. i am married to jason who is a fantastic man, and you will oftentimes catch me loving life because of him. we met at a ysa gangster party in november 2009 and have been finding excuses to be gangster ever since. 
(we are in no way serious about this.) 

i am a graduated medical transcriptionist and have really enjoyed working at the chinook regional hospital and my dad's pharmacy. However, my career took a 180 degree turn when we added our sweet baby girl, Remi, to the mix just a year and a half ago. She is our everything and holy smokes is she a dream!
 jase graduated with a degree in business finance and is currently loving his job as an online insurance broker for a company called, surex. we aren't sure if that is the long-term plan but it has been quite the success so far! 

we just moved to lethbridge this past fall and have been loving the convenience and fun of the city. friends are closer and life is good. 
this is life as we know it and I hope you enjoy some of our stories along the way!

feel free to comment! i love those. =)

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